Armored Panda LLC


Legendary Panda LLC is a small independent game studio based in Romania. Our mission is to create wonderfully crafted board games, to take You, the player, in a world of miracles and adventures. Our core values include integrity, precision, friendliness and excellence. (We ensure you that you will always get the very best from us.)

Growing up, we created many board games to enjoy with family and friends. Inspired by these early ventures into designing and the incomparable feeling of watching others play a game that we built, we decided to take it to the next level. And now, we are launching our first game, TacTiki, on Kickstarter!

The Manager & The Thinker
Designer and Business Manager. The guy behind the curtains, who makes the dices rolling, and does the boring, administrative stuff. Passionate about quality board games, sports, and business, he’s spent the last two years thinking of creative ways to bring TacTiki to life.
The Designer
I was brought up in an environment, where we played a lot, and the main character was always a made up fantasy person. When I was 12, I designed my own hand-drawn card games to lure my friends out of the humdrum existences. So it is not surprising that I am still involved in the world of games.